Wing and Go

The best wings
you’ve ever tasted!


It's about time!

We have crafted unique, full flavored sauces and seasonings. We deep fry our wings in 100% vegetable oil to crispy perfection, sauce and then grill to sear the flavor (and add more sauce) for the best wings you’ve ever tasted!

From our hand battered white meat tenders and nuggets, to our crispy seasoned popcorn shrimp, high quality sides, house made dips, biscuits, deserts & signature drinks you will taste The Wing and Go difference.

combo meals



8pc Traditional


4pc Hand Battered Tenders


12pc Jumbo


¾ pound Popcorn

Comes with Drink, Side, Sauce, Dip, Signature Veggies & Jalapeno Chedda Biscuit

Traditional wings available without sear on request.

want more?


4 Traditional Wings

2 Tenders

6pc Nuggets

¼ pound Popcorn Shrimp

Get sauced


In our amazing flavors!

Sauce for Charities!

Raise funds by selecting your favorite Sauce or Seasoning and for every jar you or we sell we will donate 20% of the proceeds to the charity of your choice.
We’ll even put your name on it!

by the piece


8pc $8.99
12pc $11.99
16pc $15.99
20pc $18.99
30pc $26.99
40pc $35.99
50pc $44.99
60pc $53.99
75pc $67.99
100pc $89.99

by the piece


8pc $4.99
12pc $6.99
20pc $9.99
30pc $12.99
40pc $15.99
50pc $18.99

hand battered


4pc $6.99
6pc $10.99
10pc $14.99
15pc $19.99
20pc $25.99
30pc $35.99
40pc $45.99
50pc $55.99



½ pound $5.99
1 pound $8.99
2 pounds $12.99
3 pounds $16.99


Waffle Fries - $2.99
Mac n Cheese - $3.99
Cole Slaw - $2.99
Spicy Corn Nuggets - $2.99

hand made dips

Country Style Ranch
Tangy Blue Cheese
Honey Mustard Wing Sauce
Boom Sauce


Chop Fries

Huge portion of our cripsy waffle fries covered in delicious queso, chopped chicken tenders, bacon, more cheese and your choice of sauce! Served with a dip

Waffle and Wings

4 crispy hand battered tenders or 8 wings paired with our fluffy waffle dusted in powdered sugar and served with our maple bacon sauce and syrup. Sweet, Savory and Salty!!! $11.49


Signature Veggies:
Carrot chips, Celery, Jicama
& Radish veggies $2.99

Extra Sauce or Dip
$0.99 ea - $4.99 pint

Fresh Baked
& Chedda Biscuits
$1.49 for 3 - $4.99 dozen

sweet treats

Fudge Brownie
$2.99 each - $10.99 dozen

Trillionaire Pie
$2.99 slice - $9.29 whole pie

For The Littles

4 wings
6 Nuggets
2 Tenders
or Quarter pound Popcorn shrimp,
Small Mac n Cheese,
Sauce, Dip and a kids drink


Cherry Limeade
Strawberry Lemonade
Fountain Products - Coke Products
Iced Tea - Sweet or Unsweet
32oz $2.99

go packs

Feeding your crew, serving a
group or having a party?
Add on with our Go packs

Small: (2) sides, veggies, biscuits, dips & sauces – Feeds 2-3 - $6.99
Medium: (4) sides, veggies, biscuits, dips & sauces – Feeds 4-6 - $11.99
Large: (6) sides, veggies, biscuits, dips & sauces – Feeds 7-10 - $16.99
Extra Large: (8) sides, veggies, biscuits, dips & sauces – Feeds 10-12 - $19.99
Drinks Available in Full Gallon Containers $4.99

Wing and Go Tailgate Package

100 Wings • 40 Tenders • 2 Chop Fries • XL Sides (includes):
2 Dozen Chedda Biscuits • XLarge Mac n Cheese • Cole Slaw

Two Gallons of your choice:
Cherry Limeade • Strawberry Lemonade • Iced Tea
Lemonade • Arnold Palmer • Margarita Mix

Two Trillionaire Pies • Plenty of dips & sauces for all




Get it delivered right to your door.
Or, try Pickup on your way home.
It’s mealtime on your time.

We want to hear from you.

Please send us your questions, comments or suggestions.

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    Lemon Pepper

    Lip smacking Lemon and Black Pepper

    Grampa Dubs

    Delicious balance of salty, savory and peppery flavor makes for the perfect dry rub.


    Fiery flavors of Paprika, Garlic & Cayenne with a touch of smoke.

    Honey BBQ

    Look out for bee’s… This sweet bbq has the right amount of honey and zing

    Maple Bacon

    Sweet Maple Syrup and bacon make this sauce just the right amount of savory and sweet. Breakfast in a bottle.

    Teriyaki Glaze

    Salty & Sweet with a touch of pineapple! Sorry no fried rice available

    Garlic Parmesan

    This top seller of a sauce is full of so much fresh flavor you can see the roasted garlic and grated parmesan sticking to your fingers and lips.

    White BBQ

    Savory and creamy with a unique zip of flavor and  just a touch of cayenne for spice!

    Whiskey Peach

    A tangy and peachy sauce with a hint of whisky flavor!

    Hickory BBQ

    Traditional spicy BBQ sauce, smoky and rich in flavor.

    Onion Sauce

    Wonderful combination of onions, spices and black pepper make this creamy sauce a HIT!

    Carolina Mustard

    Flavor packed sauce is a crowd favorite, tangy mustard meets real bbq for a tastebud explosion.

    Thai Chili

    Perfect balance of sweet and spicy in our Pan Asian style chili sauce.

    Apple Jalapeno

    Say no more… The perfect fresh fruit and pepper combination does exist. Tangy green apples, bell pepper and jalapenos snap to make this a sauce you won’t forget.

    Mango Habanero

    Cult Favorite! Flavorful and super spicy habanero peppers blended with delicious sweet mangos for a kick like no other.


    Traditional hot buffalo sauce is bright, buttery and full of tangy spicy flavor. You DEFINITELY need to buy extra ranch or blu cheese to pair with this sauce!

    Hot Garlic

    Take our delicious spicy buffalo and marry that with an authentic punch of garlic for a boom of spicy and savory flavor.

    (Ghost Pepper)

    Burn Baby Burn…. Don’t let the ghost pepper sauce scare you… OK you should be a little scared. Spice addicts welcome!